ALOHA BAY - Salt Himalayan Fire Bowl - 1 Bowl

Product Description
Complete with 110V light fixture, toggle switch and special heat-resistant bulb. All electrical parts are UL approved. Sturdy double cardboard box packaging with full size color label.

Package Description: 1 Bowl

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients: Pure crystal-salt from the foothills of the Himalayas.

• 5 lbs
• 5" tall with stones
• 8" diameter black ceramic bowl
• 110V light fixture with string of 10 lights

Recommendations for using your Salt-Crystal Lamp:
Please note that salt crystals can absorb and emit moisture in cold, damp rooms. Therefore we recommend the use of your salt lamp in heat regulated and dry living areas.

Changing the light bulb: Before removing or screwing in the bulb, please pull the power plug. Next remove the electrical components by carefully pulling the cord. A regular 15W bulb with the smaller base is available in almost any hardware or department store. Ensure that the bulb is no more than 15 Watts and the threaded base size is the same. Any light bulbs attached are not covered by our warranty.

There are two springs above the plastic or metal plate that can snap back and smack your fingers while you are pulling. Because of this you must pull the components out only by the cord underneath the plate until the springs are released. After changing the bulb, press both springs carefully together and put all electrical components, together with the springs, back into the salt rock. Please ensure that your Salt-Crystal Lamp is placed safely away from children and domestic animals.

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