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Product Description
The Cat Mate C10 is designed to feed your cat, kitten or small dog, when you are away. Food is kept fresh in an easy-clean compartment sealed by a closely fitting lid. Just set the timer on the lid to open at the required time, up to 24 hours later.
• Large food bowl holds 450g (1lb) wet food - enough for 2 cats• Easy-clean, removable, dishwasher-proof lid and bowl• For dogs, feeder may be easily attached to a wooden board• Easy-to-use 24-hour timer gives 12 months battery life (Requires 1 x AA/LR6 battery)

Package Description: 1 Feeder

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Ingredients or Materials: The feeder is constructed from high quality tough plastics and carries a three year guarentee.
1. Operationa. Turn unit upside down and switch ontimer. Check that the gears inside thetimer are turning .1) NOTE: lowbatteries may turn the gears, but notoperate the product.b. Open lids by aligning the notch on thetimer knob with the lid pointer. C20 only: Remove food bowls andinsert pre-frozen icepack.c. Replace filled food bowl(s), push downlid and set desired delay by rotatingtimer knob. Place unit inrequired position.
2. Testing your feeder before useYour feeder is manufactured from topquality materials and is assembled tocomply with rigorous quality standards.Consequently, it should give you manyyears dependable use. However,before using for the first time you maywish to ensure its correct operationwithout food by setting 24 hours delayand checking that the lid(s) open 24hours later.
3. Especially for catsWe suggest you introduce your cat to itsfeeder by following the steps below:a. Place your cat's food in the food bowlwithout using the timer. (Try using hisfavourite food to encourage him to getused to the feeder.)b. When he seems happy eating in thisway, place the unit in the positionwhere he will find the food when youare away (see Section 7).c. Finally use the timing mechanism, buttry not to watch over your cat - if heknows you're around he may wait forpersonal attention!If leaving your cat for a weekend, don'tforget to make suitable toiletarrangements for it. Kittens should notbe left alone for long periods withoutsomeone to check periodically that all iswell.
4. Especially for dogsMost small dogs will readily adapt toan automatic feeder, but you arerecommended to supervise your dog'sfirst few encounters to ensure that it isunlikely to damage the unit - which maybe a problem with puppies.When leaving your dog, don't forget tomake adequate toilet arrangements forit. Dogs, and particularly puppies,should not be left alone for long periodswithout someone to check periodicallythat all is well.For extra stability the feeder may beattached to a wooden baseplate asfollows:a. Remove food bowl(s). Break out the twomoulded-in retaining clips by insertinga screw into each hole and rockingfrom side to side.b. Place feeder in desired position onwooden board and replace clips inholes with the flat side of the clipuppermost. Screw clips to board in thisposition. c. Turn clip through 90 degrees to lockfeeder to wooden base. Turn backthrough 90 degrees to unlock.
5. Hints on food storageYour feeder is designed for use with allpet foods, milk and water.The C20 should always be used with itsice-pack unless the surroundingtemperature is less than 5°C (40°F). Tofreeze the ice-pack before use, place inthe deep freeze compartment of arefrigerator for at least 6 hours.It is not possible to use an ice-pack withthe C10, and if leaving canned food invery warm weather we recommend thatthe food be chilled in a refrigeratorbefore placing in the feeder.When using your C10 or C20 feederwith wet food, ensure that the foodcomes from a freshly openedcan/pack. If the weather is very warm,you are advised not to leave wet foodfor long periods and may prefer toserve dry food, which has betterkeeping qualities. If in doubt, pleaseconsult the manufacturer of your cats’wet food.
6. Setting the Time DelayThe C10 and C20 feeders aredesigned to feed your pet at its normalmealtimes, as these are the times it willgenerally visit its feeding place.With the C20 you can set any timedelay up to 48 hours. Thus, if the timeis 10 a.m. on a Saturday and you wishto serve one meal at 6 p.m. onSaturday and one at 8 a.m. on Sunday,you would set one of the timing knobsto 8 hours delay and the other to 22hours.With the C10 you may serve one mealwith a maximum of 24 hours delay.
7. Positioning of feederIdeally, the feeder should be usedindoors or in a garage or outbuilding,and should be placed in a cool cornershaded from sunlight with about 1"clearance at the back to allow the lid(s)to open fully. If necessary, however, itmay be used out of doors provided thatit is placed out of the sunlight and issheltered from rain. Under nocircumstances should moisture beallowed to get near the timingmechanism, so always site the feederon a concrete slab or similar - not ongrass.
8. CleaningThe C10 and C20 feeders are veryeasy to clean and normally only thebowls will require washing. The baseunit, lids and lid lifting leavers can allbe wiped with a soapy cloth. Ifrequired, lids may be removed forwashing - simply pull out vertically fromthe base unit whilst pushing the lidupward using the finger cut-out at therear of the lid moulding. Make sure thatthe lids are fully pushed home onreassembly. Under no circumstancesshould the base unit be immersed inwater.
9. BatteriesWe recommend an Alkaline batterysize 'AA' e.g. Duracell MN1500. Thisbattery should last 12 months incontinuous use. It is recommended toremove the battery when the feeder isnot to be used for prolonged periods.


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