DOG MATE - Dog Door Large White - 336 x 441 mm

Product Description
This robust door is suitable for Labradors, German Shepherds and other large dogs to 630mm (25") shoulder height.Self lining to 50mm (2").

Package Description: 336 x 441 mm

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

    Overall Size : 14 3/8" x 17 3/8" , (366mm x 441mm)
  • Cut Out Size : 12 1/2" x 15 3/8" , (318mm x 391mm)
  • Thickness : Self lining to 2" , (50mm) thick

1. Remove locking panel from interior frameby simultaneously depressing the buttonmarked 'PRESS' and lifting up. Place framein required position where it will not beexposed to prevailing winds with tape asin Fig. 1. Note that the bottom of theaperture should be approximately levelwith your dogs stomach. Mark position ofmounting bolt holes and draw around theaperture with a sharp pencil. Removeframe from door.
2. Drill bolt holes with a 1/4" (6mm) diameterdrill taking care to keep the drill square(Fig. 2.) Note that for installation in wallsand doors more than 2" (50mm) thick werecommend that you attach the framesusing suitable screws (not supplied) anddrill holes to suit. 3. Mark a cutting line 3/8" (10mm) outsidethe aperture drawn in Fig. 1 and drill ahole approximately 1/4" (6mm) diameterwithin each corner as in Fig. 3. Cut outalong the cutting line with an electricjigsaw or similar tool taking care to cutsquare to the door.
4. Measure thickness of your door and usinga sharp knife or scissors cut along thenearest guideline on the four door liners todoor thickness PLUS 3/4" (19mm). Do nottrim off the notch(es) on the bottom doorliner (Fig. 4.) Also cut the mounting boltssupplied to your door thickness + 3/4"(19mm) using a hacksaw as in Fig. 4 andfile bolt ends for easy nut threading. Forwalls and doors greater than 2" (50mm)thick we recommend that you cut yourown door liner using suitable 3/32" (2mm)plastic sheet (not supplied).
5. Assemble 4 door liners into the slotsprovided in the exterior frame and tapetemporarily in position as shown in Fig.5. Note that the 'notched' door liner isfitted to the bottom of the frame with thenotch(es) around the frame magnet(s).The door liners should be fitted with theirsmooth face innermost. Push rubber sealsupplied into groove in exterior frame asshown, leaving a drainage gap atbottom centre.6. With the aid of a helper assemble dogdoor in position with tape ensuring thatdoor liners locate properly into interiorframe, then fit nuts and bolts as shown inFig.
6. Do not overtighten the fixing bolts.Check flap swings freely. If it does not,check frames are undistorted and thatinterior frame is aligned with exteriorframe. Finally, cover fixings with theplastic caps supplied and removetemporary fixing tape.
7. For added security the 2 plastic pinsshould be inserted through the holes atthe bottom of the interior frame into thelocking panel.
SAFETY WARNING This door is not designed to prevent the passage of children or small adults in either direction. CLEANING Clean using water only. Detergents and polishes may damage the plastic.


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