BASS ASSASSIN - Shad Lure Pack of 10 Salt and Pepper Silver - 2-Inch

Product Description
The 2 inch Curly Shad has the same body design as the 1.5 inch shad with a curl tail that makes it an ideal bait for panfish and crappie when fished on a jig.

Package Description: 2-Inch

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  • Including the unique slit in the belly, with a curl tail that acts like a rudder that steers the bait into a circular fall that fish love!
  • The Shad Assassin series was designed for all types of freshwater fish.
  • These lures have proven themselves to be the finest soft plastic lures available on the market today.
  • Bass, crappie, trout; whatever you are fishing for, the Shad Assassin series gets results.
Designed for all types of freshwater fish.