BIOBAG - Pet Waste Bags on a Roll - 45 Bags

Product Description
Now carrying BioBag Pet Waste Bags is more convenient than ever. Refill rolls for popular dog bag dispensers.

Package Description: 45 Bags

Serving Size: 1 Bag

Number of Servings: 45

Ingredients: Mater-Bi (corn).

Dimensions: 2.5" x 1.375" x 4.875".
  • For best results, place filled BioBags in your compost or at curbside on pavement or gravel
  • Placing filled bags on wet grass may stimulate bag decomposition
  • Do not fill bag entirely with wet grass clippings
  • Grass Clippings left on the lawn after mowing decompose rapidly and add nutrient value to your soil
Keep this bag away from children.