CARIB SEA - Aragamilk Liquid Aragonite - 16 fl. oz. (474 ml)

Product Description
The perfect alkalinity booster because...AragaMilk has a full pound of buffer in every 16 fluid ounce bottle. This buffer comes in two forms: bicarbonate for immediate response, plus carbonate from aragonite. This second form makes for a safer, time-release buffer, over 2-3 days, for long term security without the wild pH swings that can stress your tank inhabitants. Great for your African Cichlid or livebearer aquariums too. You'll notice it will stop downward pH swings so common in large fish only marine and Cichlid set ups helping you create an environment for happy, healthy, and more colorful fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AragaMilk safe to use, or will I have issues with calcium and alkalinity balancing as with the two part solution I used to use?

Fortunately AragaMilk is very safe. The core ingredients become available as dissolved minerals at a pH of about 8.2, (that of natural seawater). AragaMilk also adjusts the carbonate hardness to around 3-3.5 meq/L, (again that of natural seawater). This prevents the unsafe high , and unbalanced, carbonate hardness levels that can be responsible for fish going into shock , (at extreme highs or lows), and dying as well as preventing the dump of calcium and carbonate hardness associated with non balanced buffering.

Do you make a product for re-mineralizing my RO/ DI water before making my saltwater, or adding to my freshwater top off water?

AragaMight, BufferPlus and AragaMilk are wonderful products for re-mineralizing water for saltwater applications.

Package Description: 16 fl. oz. (474 ml)

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Ingredients or Materials: Natural aragonite plus a boost of magnesium to aid in coralline algae growth.
For marine and reef aquariums, add 1 drop per gallon or 1ml per 10 gallons. For larger aquariums add 1 capful (5ml) for each 50 gallons. AragaMilk is safe enough to use daily if needed or until target alkalinity is reached. Adding AragaMilk in the morning is suggested or at least two hours before the lights are turned off. To prevent precipitation of carbonate mineral, do not add at the same time as, or mix with, other calcium, magnesium, or buffer products. Every aquarium is different. Some systems may require multiple doses to reach target alkalinity level (natural seawater is 3.5 meq/L). Wait at least two hours after dosing, and test alkalinity, before repeating dose. Long term stability of alkalinity is achieved with regular use. Your aquarium may take on a slight haze while the aragonite crystals are equilibrating with seawater or imbedding within the bio-coated surfaces. This haze will typically disappear within 1-2 hours. If your tank is stocked with sessile invertebrates (i.e.: live corals, xenia, tridacnid clams, etc.), dilute AragaMilk into a larger volume of water first, then add to the tank. For example, dose AragaMilk into a clean, (not soapy), cup of aquarium water, mix well, and then pour slowly into the aquarium, (ideally into a sump, near powerheads or filter outflow for rapid dispersal). This method prevents any unwanted settling of carbonate salts onto delicate corals or other live invertebrates.


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