FLEXSPORTS - Flex 4 Nylon Belt - Medium

Product Description
Flex Sports Nylon belt provides comfort and support for any numbers of activities. Their light weight and flexible edges allow the user the comfort of the belts support without the "extra baggage" feeling that you would get with most supports belts.
How the Support Belt WorksThe support belt works by stiffening the lower spine doing this decreases motion around the spine by joining forces with the tendons and ligaments already there to reduce movement of the discs. Another reason that users find the support belt worth having is that it is a reminder to bend properly. The extra support and stiffness on the bottom of the spine will greatly reduce the ability to bend at the waist. This will force the user to bend at the knees thereby avoiding unnecessary strain on the lower back.
How the support belt is madeThe Flex Sports Nylon Belt is made of a nylon outer facing with nylon Trico lining. There is no thread seam on the back, which will decrease the chances of getting calluses with use. They have a 4" width that is ideal for most in the general public. Sizes available are small to extra large.
General Uses for the Support BeltUsers have found that the strain on their lower backs has been reduced by wearing the support belt during many of their activities including but not limited to: Exercising, Hiking, Biking, Basketball, Baseball, Football, Tennis, and Golfing and these are just a few of the activities that the support belt can be used for. Men and women have also found that the Flex 4 Nylon Belt is a useful thing to have around the home for the everyday upkeep. Especially if there are small children or pets that you have to continually follow behind and pick up after. Another added benefit is that by forcing users to bend at the knees it will also be like giving the legs a workout. There simply is no wrong time to use a support belt when it comes to the overall protection of the spine.

Package Description: Medium

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients or Materials: Made of a nylon outer facing with nylon Trico lining.

Dimensions: 36.75 x 4.0 x 0.25
Hand wash cold water. No bleach. Mild detergent. Rinse, Hang Dry.
    Use of this device will not prevent injury.
  • Always use proper and safe techniques.
  • Do not exercise or life without proper instruction and supervision.

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