MATZUO - Nano Popper Fishing Lure Sexy Shad - 2 Inch

Product Description
MZ NANO POP 2" SEXY SHAD. Little lures with big fish catching appeal. Designed to mimic smalled "bite-sized" baitfish, these versatile mini-baits promote powerful strike responses from Trout, Perch, Panfish and Bass. Sure to be a favorite among ultra-light fisherman. Delicately weighted and balanced for optimal cast ability, buoyancy and performance. The Nano Popper features a highly reflective prism finish. Each Nano Popper features quality black chrome Matzuo hooks. Weight: 3/16 oz.;Length: 2";Depth: Topwater.

Package Description: 2 Inch

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  • Designed to Mimic Smaller "Bite-Sizes" Baitfish
  • Promotes Powerful Strike Responses from Trout, Perch, Panfish and Bass
  • Lifelike 3-D Eyes
  • Reflective Prism Finish
  • Black Chrome Hooks
Designed to Mimic Smaller "Bite-Sizes" Baitfish.