NETBAIT - Fishing Paca Chunk Bait Crawfish - 6 Bait

Product Description
The Paca Chunk is a jig trailer that was created to displace a large amount of water. The claws stand up and "wave" when the jig reaches bottom and as soon as the jig is moved the claws start to flap. You can hang the Paca Chunk on the hook for a bulky profile or thread it on the hook for a compact profile. In order for the Paca Chunk to be the most effective make sure the skirt does not cover the claws. The Paca Chunk series has a large variety of colors to match any jig that you like to fish.

Package Description: 6 Bait

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

  • Loaded with pork fat, anise scent and salt
  • Soft plastic
  • Durable
  • NetBait's patented claws
With an overall length of 3", a solid body and the patented NetBait Claws this one is a must have . Use it as a Jig Trailer or fish in on a simple round ball jig head. You have got to see the way this bait falls in the water. The fish will not be able to leave it alone.

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