TONGUE CLEANER - The Tongue Cleaner Green - 1 unit

Product Description
The Tongue Cleaner is scientifically designed to effectively clean the tongue including the important hard to reach rear portion of the tongue. 
This unique, patented design produces what is widely regarded as the standard for quality and effectiveness in tongue cleaners.

Remove the cause of the problem rather than just treating the symptoms with mouthwash and breath aids. 

Effectively cleaning the tongue is as essential as flossing and brushing your teeth to maintain fresh breath, a healthy mouth and gums. 

Tongue cleaning only takes a few seconds and it dramatically improves your oral health. 

You’ll be amazed at how quick and easy The Tongue Cleaner is to use. Once you have used it for a few days, you won’t be without it.

Package Description: 1 unit

Serving Size: ...

Number of Servings: ...

After flossing and brushing your teeth, rinse the Tongue Cleaner with fresh water. Extend the tongue, take the Tongue Cleaner and reach to the back of the tongue. Pull forward while pushing down gently. Repeat if necessary. When finished, rinse off your Tongue Cleaner and keep it clean for optimum oral hygiene.

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