KOLLERCRAFT - Mr. Cleaner Battery Vacuum - 1 Unit

Product Description

Mr. Cleaner is a multi-use aquarium maintenance tool that is battery operated. Great for siphoning fish waste and other detritus without removing valuable aquaurium water. Easy flow rate allows for spot cleaning and getting to difficult to reach areas.


  • Cleans algae
  • Siphons water
  • Cleans gravel
  • Fills aquarium

Package Description: 1 Unit

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..


  • Gravel Washer – Adjustable Gravel Washer enables you to clean aquarium gravel without disturbing fish or plants.
  • Algae Scraper – Cleans hard-to-remove algae growth on glass surface. Attach Algae Scraper by first removing the Gravel Washer. Algae Scraper cleans glass surface of algae growth without scratching the glass.
  • Debris Net – Fine mesh net collects uneaten food, fish waste and other debris.
  • Hose Adapter – Attaches to 1/2" flexible tubing (not included) for siphoning or refilling aquarium water.
  • Hook Hanger – Allows supervised hands-free operation.
  • Adjustable Intake – Extends to allow use up to a 16" maximum depth.

Instructions for Use:
For use in freshwater aquariums only. Press "One-Touch" Switch for operation. Detach Debris net and connect 1/2" flexible tubing to Hose Adapter and place Mr. Cleaner in aquarium to siphon water out. Suction needed to create a siphon can be done with a simple push of a button. To fill aquarium, simply reverse process. Place Mr. Cleaner in a bucket full of fresh dechlorinated replacement water and insert the end of the flexible tubing in the aquarium.

Uses two C batteries (not included). After use, drain water from Mr. Cleaner and store in a vertical position.

NOTE: DO NOT use the Algae Scraper Head on acrylic or plastic surfaces.

Should gravel become lodged in the Impeller, remove the Base of the unit by gently pulling down, then remove gravel or lodged particle.

DO NOT submerge unit beyond "Water Level" mark indicated on unit.

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