WELL-IN-HAND - Herbal Bug-A-Boo Rosemary Bug Repellent - 2 oz

Product Description
All natural ingredients that you will love and bugs will hate! "I finally get to sit outside peacefully alone with my book with no interuptions and people pulling me in a million directions.
Then the bugs find me. No problem. I sprits on your Bug-A-Boo! and I am alone and happy again!" R. C., AK "Bug-A-Boo! is the only bug spray I would ever use on my little guys!" M.K., VA "Bug Spray! It is about time you offered bug spray! If you make it, I'll use it! 

Package Description: 2 oz

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Ingredients: Pure water, apple cider vinegar, lavender, calendula blossoms, witch hazel and pure essential oils.
SHAKE WILDLY with each use. This natural formula is highlyconcentrated.
For external use. Keep way away from eyes. Wash sprayed surfaces before preparing food.