WILLIAMSON - Banjo Eye Jig White - 3/4-Ounce

Product Description
Williamson's Banjo Eye Jig is a great complement to any tackle box. In the smaller sizes, it's perfect for inshore and near shore jigging purposes for big drum and other species. Offshore, the larger sizes make great lures for cobia, grouper, and more.

Package Description: 3/4-Ounce

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

  • The balanced weight of the Banjo Eye jig excels when vertical jigging
  • The ribbon tail adds subtle action to the jig
  • Williamson Banjo Eye Jigs are a versatile bottom fishing jig and a deadly cobia jig
  • Soft tail gives incredible life-like action triggering strikes Bait retainer keeps bait on the shank of the hook for better presentation
  • Real deer hair Buck tail for perfect action High-quality VMC Cone Cut Perma Steel hook designed for saltwater applications
Designed for saltwater applications.