A New Home for Vitamin Grocer


Happy New Year!

As you can see, we've decided to open 2017 by giving Vitamin Grocer a whole new look and feel.  We think you'll find that it offers a vastly approved online shopping experience for the customer.  The new mega menu makes finding what you are looking for in our vast product catalog much quicker and easier.  To that end, the search functionality has also been drastically improved as well as the overall speed and navigability of the site.  Online shopping shouldn't clumsy or frustrating.  It should be fast and easy giving you more time to do the things you love.  The enhanced responsive design also makes it easier to shop on the go while using a mobile device.  

In addition to improved site functionality, our goals in 2017 include continuing to expand our inventory to new brands, categories and product lines.  Vitamin Grocer is no longer just a destination for vitamins and dietary supplements as the name might suggest (although we still have a large and growing selection of those products).  In recent years, we've added thousands of pet products, cosmetics and household products (kitchen accessories, office supplies, toys etc.).  This makes Vitamin Grocer a great place for one-stop shopping: get all your healthy, beauty and household needs delivered to your door in one package at no cost of shipping.  In the future, it will also mean that you can buy hard-to-find products here like specialty health products and collectibles.  Stay tuned as we continue to make these improvements.  This blog will be the place to find all news and updates on Vitamin Grocer. Bookmark it and join us for a fantastic 2017!

  • Patrick McGreevy