Amino Acids

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Live Healthy with Amino Acid Supplements

Amino acids are the essential building blocks that are needed for proteins. They build cells, aid in the production of crucial enzymes, and repair damaged tissue to help the body heal faster. The human body uses 20 essential and non-essential amino acids to construct proteins. Twelve of the vital acids are created naturally within the human body, but eight of them have to be obtained from outside sources. Vitamin Grocer carries a huge selection of the best amino acid supplements on the market, to give our customers the essentials that they need to stay healthy, and to build a sufficient level of protein. Proteins are critical for every cell in the human body. They are important for muscles, tendons, ligaments, organs, nails, hair, glands, and many bodily fluids. In addition, they are required for healthy bone growth. Everyone breaks down proteins into amino acids differently, so deficiencies could be present. Things such as illness, stress, diet, or age all play a part in the body's ability to function correctly.

Our amino acid dietary supplement selection is vast, so there are plenty of products to try out until you find one that meets your needs. We offer supplements for most, if not all amino acids. Nature's Way Acetyl L-Carnitine capsules and Quantum Research Super Lysine Plus are both popular products that move quickly from our shelves. Acetyl L-Carnitine supports mental function, focus, and concentration, while Lysine is important to form collagen, absorb calcium, produce antibodies, repair tissue, and promote growth. Lysine cannot be produced by the body, so it is important to ensure that these supplements are taken if you want optimal health and wellness. Vitamin Grocer offers affordable prices on all of our products, so customers can stay healthy, even if they are on a budget.