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Alvita - Herbal Parsley Tea Organic - 24 Tea Bags

ALVITA - Herbal Parsley Tea Organic - 24 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONBest known as a garnish in restaurants, Parsley (Petroselinum crispum) is a deep green herb known for its chlorophyll content. It is often eaten to counter the odor of strong smelling foods. Originally from the Mediterranean region, it is traditionally used to support a healthy urinary tract.Alvita Parsley Tea is made with premium-qua...

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HEALTH KING TEA - Golden Voice Herb Tea

HEALTH KING - Golden Voice Herb Tea - 20 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONBased on a proven ancient formula Golden Voice Herb Tea is made of high quality herbs. Chinese medicine uses their anti-inflammatory, lung moistening, voice restoring and expectorant properties to maintain clear and healthy voice and strong respiratory system.DETAILSPackage Description: 20 x 2 g Tea BagsServing Size: 1 Tea BagNumber o...

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Alvita - Herbal Red Clover Tea Organic - 24 Tea Bags

ALVITA - Herbal Red Clover Tea Organic - 24 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONRed Clover (Trifolium pratense) blossoms have a long history of use in Europe and North America. It was listed in the United States National Formulary until 1946. Naturally occurring isoflavones in red clover make it particularly popular with women.Alvita Red Clover Tea is made using only premium-quality organic red clover blossoms, p...

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Alvita Catnip Tea

ALVITA - Catnip Tea - 24 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONCatnip (Nepeta cataria), a member of the mint family also referred to as “catmint,” is renowned for its ability to drive felines into a frenzy. Interestingly, this herb has a somewhat opposite, soothing effect in humans; European and American herbalists have traditionally brewed tea from the leaves of the catnip plant to soothe an ups...

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Alvita Spearmint Leaf Tea

ALVITA - Spearmint Leaf Tea - 30 Bags (1.375 oz./39 g)


DESCRIPTIONNative to the Mediterranean region, spearmint (Mentha spicata ) has been used for thousands of years as a culinary ingredient and fragrance in cosmetics. However, spearmint is perhaps most esteemed among herbalists for its traditional use to soothe an upset stomach.* Alvita Spearmint Tea is made with premium-quality, organic spearm...

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The Mate Factor Organic Dark Roast Yerba Mate Tea Bags

The Mate Factor Organic Dark Roast Yerba Mate Tea Bags - 20 Tea Bags (2.5 oz.)


DESCRIPTION After years of drinking coffee, feeling stressed out and drained, I switched to mate. Finally I feel focused and energized, ready to handle life. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a different energy source. - CF - Owego, NY Dark Roast Yerba Mate is a Healthy Alternative to Coffee - Without Sacrificing Taste or that Ener...

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Herbal Vedic HerbaGreen Tea Mandarin Mango

HERBASWAY - HerbaGreen Tea Mandarin Mango - 2 fl. oz. (60 ml)


DESCRIPTIONHerbaSway HerbaGreen Mandarin Mango Tea contains up to 15 times more anti-oxidant fighting power than brewed green tea. Natural, concentrated HerbaGreen Tea contains only pure, wild crafted, Chinese green tea and herbs. HerbaGreen Tea contains natural anti oxidants derived from Green Tea, Lotus Leaf and Kudzu root which helps to fight...

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Organic India Original Tulsi Tea

ORGANIC INDIA - Tulsi Original Tea - 6 x 18 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTION Stress relieving Soothing & relaxing Abundant in antioxidants Powerful adaptogen Uplifts mood Caffeine & gluten free USDA certified organic 18 tea bags per box GMO free Kosher & Halal certified Three sacred varieties of Tulsi with potent restorative powers are blended to create this delicious, calming, yet energizing...

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Smith Teamaker -  Meadow Herbal Tea (6x15 Bag)

Smith Teamaker - Meadow Herbal Tea - 15 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONA caffeine free blend of golden Egyptian chamomile flowers and mildly stimulating, fragrant hyssop joined with smooth Cape rooibos, rose petals and linden flowers. You may need a sun hat.DETAILSPackage Description: 15 Tea BagsServing Size: 1 Tea BagNumber of Servings: 15FACTSINGREDIENTSEgyptian chamomile, South African rooibos, fragra...

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Triple Leaf Tea American Ginseng Tea

Triple Leaf Tea American Ginseng Tea - 6 x 20 Tea Bags (1 Case)


DESCRIPTIONAmerican ginseng has long been a popular energizing and revitalizing tonic herb.* Modern research supports its long history of use as an adaptogen, as an aid to help maintain the body???s vitality, strength and resistance to mental and physical stress, and to help maintain the healthy function of the immune system.* It is considered l...

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Organic India - Tulsi Cinnamon Rose Tea

ORGANIC INDIA - Tulsi Cinnamon Rose Tea - 18 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTION Stress relieving Soothing & relaxing Abundant in antioxidants Powerful adaptogen Uplifts mood Caffeine & gluten free USDA certified organic 18 tea bags per box GMO Free Kosher & Halal certified A delicate blend of Rama, Krishna and Vana Tulsi with Cinnamon, Cardamom, Rose Petals and Cassia make a harmonious, healing combi...

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Good Earth Original Sweet Spicy Herbal Tea Caffeine Free

GOOD EARTH - Original Sweet and Spicy Herbal Tea Caffeine Free - 18 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONGive yourself up to the unexpected pleasure of opposites attracting. With cinnamon spice notes tangled up with sweet bursts of orange, this tea makes for a surprisingly satisfying combination. Made with organic ingredients and naturally caffeine free Rooibos red tea, you can feel good savoring it day or night, hot or iced.DETAILSPacka...

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Traditional Medicinal Organic Echinacea Elder

TRADITIONAL MEDICINALS - Organic Echinacea Elder - 16 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONSupports the Immune SystemHerbal Dietary SupplementOrganic Echinacea Elder supports the immune system by stimulating immune cells. Our laboratory studies have shown that it significantly produces and activates immune cells. It's a blend of sweet, fruity and slightly bitter herbal tastes with a characteristic tingle on your tongue caus...

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Traditional Medicinal Pau d'Arco



DESCRIPTIONA Traditional South American Herbal TeaHerbal Dietary SupplementKnown also as "ipê roxo" in Brazil and as "lapacho" in Argentina and Paraguay, Pau d'Arco is the inner bark of a tall tree that grows throughout South America. It has been used by traditional healers in Brazil, Argentina, Peru and other South American regions for centurie...

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Alvita Horsetail Grass Tea

ALVITA - Organic Horsetail Tea Caffeine Free - 24 Bags (1.27 oz./36 g)


DESCRIPTIONHorsetail ( Equisetum arvense ), named for the plant’s resemblance to the tail of a horse, has graced the earth for centuries. Native American, Ayurvedic, traditional European and contemporary herbalists alike recognize the benefits of this ancient herb, traditionally using horsetail to support urinary tract health.* Alvita Horseta...

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Numi Tea Honeybush Teasans

NUMI - Honeybush Teasans - 18 bag


DESCRIPTIONNumi Organic Honeybush Herbal Tea (formerly Numi Honeybush , Organic Bushmen's Brew) contains sweet honey South African nectar. From South Africa, Numi's organic Honeybush is a flowering shrub that yields a rich earthy brew with sweet honey overtones. This secret healer is rich in antioxidants.Tea is a misnomer for anything steeped in...

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Good Earth Original Sweet Spicy Tea Herb Blend

GOOD EARTH - Sweet and Spicy Tea Herbal and Black - 18 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONOur signature blend and the inspiration behind Tea Untamed, Sweet & Spicy® takes notes of cinnamon and tangles them up with sweet burst of orange. The result is a surprisingly satisfying combination you can savor hot or cold.DETAILSPackage Description: 18 Tea BagsServing Size: 1 Tea BagNumber of Servings: 18FACTSSupplement Facts:S...

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Celestial Seasonings Raspberry Zinger Herbal Tea

CELESTIAL SEASONINGS - Raspberry Zinger Herbal Tea - 20 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONSweet-tart raspberries meet the zing of hibiscus tea in this flavorful blend. "There's no mistaking a Zinger! The distinctive sweet-tart flavor and enticing aroma of American-grown raspberries are the perfect complement for fruity Thai hibiscus and tart and tangy Chinese hibiscus in this robust herbal blend. Soothing when served warm,...

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Alvita - Elder Flower Tea Organic - 24 Tea Bags

ALVITA - Elder Flower Tea Organic - 24 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONNative to parts of Europe and North America, the elder tree (Sambucus nigra) is easily recognized by its delicate clusters of cream-colored flowers. In many ancient traditions, elder was planted for good luck. Among herbalists, elder flowers are well known for their longstanding traditional use to help support respiratory health.* ...

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Alvita Valerian Root Tea

ALVITA - Valerian Root Tea Caffeine Free - 24 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTION Valerian (Valeriana officinalis), has been used traditionally to support restful sleep for hundreds of years.* It has been referenced in many pharmacopoeias for its relaxing and calming qualities.* Today, valerian remains one of the most popular herbs used to support a good night’s rest.* Alvita Valerian Root Tea is made ...

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HerbaSway HerbaGreen Tea Impeccably Peach

HERBASWAY - HerbaGreen Tea Impeccably Peach - 2 fl. oz. (60 ml)


DESCRIPTIONEnjoy the same health benefits as the Original HerbaGreen Tea, with the flavor of fresh peaches. Peach HerbaGreen Tea is naturally flavored with extracts of fruit, ensuring you receive the wonderful taste of peach, while still offering a sugar-free, calorie-free green tea concentrate.Satisfy your green tea thirst and get healthy w...

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Traditional Medicinal Organic Roasted Dandelion Root

TRADITIONAL MEDICINALS - Organic Roasted Dandelion Root - 16 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONPromotes Healthy Liver Function Herbal Dietary SupplementDandelion root tea has shown "choleretic" effects, which means that it can stimulate the liver to increase bile flow. Once bile is released by the liver, its two main functions are to carry away waste and to break down fats during digestion. Dandelion's beneficial effects on liv...

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Alvita - Herbal Sage Tea Organic - 24 Tea Bags

ALVITA - Herbal Sage Tea Organic - 24 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONSince ancient times, sage (Salvia officinalis) has been associated with good health.* The herb’s Latin name, Salvia, translates into "to be saved." In Chinese, Indian, and North American herbal practices, tea made from sage leaves has been used as a soothing, cooling digestive aid.*Alvita Sage Tea is made with premium-quality, organic...

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Yogi Tea Egyptian Licorice

YOGI TEA - Egyptian Licorice Organic Tea - 16 Tea Bags


DESCRIPTIONThe great kings of Egypt treasured licorice root for its natural sweetness, rich flavor and restorative properties. Our Egyptian Licorice tea brings you this royal herb in an intriguing blend of complementary spices. This tea is sure to delight with its delicious and satisfying taste, fusing Organic Licorice with sweet and spicy notes...

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