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APEX - 7 Day Extra Large Pill Organizer

APEX - 7 Day Extra Large Pill Organizer - 1 Organizer


DESCRIPTIONConvenient organizer for vitamins and medication. Designed for use by sight impaired with raised letters and Braille markings. X-large Highlighted Braille Raised & highlighted letters 7 compartments Available in opaque white blue lavender or translucent blue lavender berry or green color.Dimensions: 6 3/16 L x 1 5/16 W x 7/8 ...

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FIT & FRESH - 7 Day AM/PM Vitamin Pillbox and Organizer

FIT & HEALTHY - 7 Day AM/PM Vitamin Pillbox and Organizer - 1 Case


DESCRIPTIONThe 7 Day AM/PM Vitamin Pillbox and Pill Organizer conveniently organizes and stores a week's worth of pills or vitamins. Each day has its own compartment for both morning and night, each holding up to 36 pills. The ergonomic design and arch shaped pill compartment makes for easy pill removal and holds the pills in place to prevent sp...

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APEX - Pill Splitter Large

APEX - Pill Splitter Large - 1 Unit


DESCRIPTIONCut large pills in half with this Apex Ultra Pill Splitter. Featuring a pill grip, the Apex Pill Splitter holds the pill firmly in place while cutting. The clear Ultra Splitter features opaque blue grips for easy handling and a self-retracting blade guard for safety. Split pills cleanly in half with the strong stainless steel blade of...

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Fit and Fresh Pill Case Stacker

FIT & HEALTHY - Pill Case Stacker - 1 Set


DESCRIPTIONThis easy to use vitamin and/or pill case is five cases in one! Stackable to save space and the twist lock design keeps the contents safe and secure. Each individual case holds up to 20 pills; so make your selection and let the health benefits begin. Need some vitamin C - got it! Need some iron - got it! Need a brand new flat screen T...

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APEX - Ultra Bubble-Lok 7-Day Pill Organizer

APEX - Ultra Bubble-Lok 7-Day Pill Organizer - 1 Organizer


DESCRIPTIONThe unique patent-pending design of the 7-Day Ultra Bubble-Lok Pill Organizer features an uncomplicated locking system that simplifies operation and prevents pills from spilling inside your purse, briefcase or suitcase. The lids will not open if the organizer is dropped. - Easy-open Bubble-Lok design secures pills and pops open wi...

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Vitaminder Seven Day Vitamin Pack

FIT & HEALTHY - Seven Day Pack Vitamin Case - 7 x 25 Tablet Compartments


DESCRIPTIONVitaminder is now Fit & Healthy!Organize your pills with the Seven Day Vitamin Pocket Pack. Seven separate compartments can be used for the seven days of the week or seven varieties of tablets. The case comes with lid labels so you can easily identify the compartment contents. Each compartment can hold up to 25 pills. DET...

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Vitaminder Vitamin Pocket Pack

FIT & HEALTHY - Pocket Vitamin Case - 1 Case


DESCRIPTIONTake your vitamins or pills with you on the go in this compact, lightweight vitamin pocket pack. Five separate compartments make pill sorting easy. Case can hold up to 60 pills.DETAILSPackage Description: 1 CaseServing Size: Number of Servings: FACTS Serving Size: .. Servings per container: .. ...

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Vitaminder Vitamin Chest

FIT & HEALTHY - Vitamin Chest - 1 Chest


DESCRIPTIONVitaminder is now Fit & Healthy!Moveable partitions, that make 3 to 9 compartments, allow you to take more of one pill and less of another. The case comes with labels so you can easily identify the compartment contents. The Vitamin Chest can hold up to 800 pills. DETAILSPackage Description: 1 ChestServing Size: Number of Se...

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Fit and Fresh Vitaminder Pill Pods Portable

FIT & FRESH - Portable Pill Pods - 7 Pods


DESCRIPTIONThe portable pill organizer pod containers conveniently organize and store a week's worth of pills or vitamins. Seven individual AM / PM pillbox compartments are included, with each day's pod able to be removed from the set. Each container pod holds up to 20 pills. The pods all lock securely into organizing tray, and individual pod lo...

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Fit and Fresh 7 Day Pill Organizer Case

FIT & HEALTHY - 7 Day Pill Organizer Case - 1 Case


DESCRIPTIONThe Fit & Healthy 7 Day Pill Organizer takes the stress out of pill management! With 7 separate compartments that can hold up to 12 pills each, there is more than enough room to store and organize your weekly pill needs. The arch shaped compartments are designed to hold pills in place so that they won't fall out when each compartm...

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APEX - Pill Organizer Day Planner

APEX - Pill Organizer Day Planner - 1 Count


DESCRIPTIONThis daily pill container will securely hold pills and help to maintain a Morning, Noon, Evening and Bed medication regimen. The Dayplanner Pill Organizer is a convenient method for holding and organizing your pills or vitamins to help manage a four time-per-day medication regiment. Easy snap lids securely hold pills and keep them saf...

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MON IMAGE - 2-sided Round Pill Box Case

MON IMAGE - 2-sided Round Pill Box Case - 1 Pack


DESCRIPTIONIs used for keeping medications, vitamins or supplements easily accessible. To dispense capsules or tablets, rotate the outer sleeve until the opening is above the appropriate compartment. Round Pill Case is also used for travel, school, work or daily life and comes in an assortment of colors.DETAILSPackage Description: 1 PackServing ...

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