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Dr Woods Products Raw Black Shea Butter Soap

DR. WOODS - Raw Black Shea Butter Bar Soap - 5.25 oz. (149 g)


DESCRIPTIONNaturally Exfoliates and MoisturizesOur Raw Black Soap with organic shea butter is an exceptional moisturizing exfoliant that’s effective on all complexions. Rich in nutrients Vitamins A and E, our Black Soap helps regenerate skin cells and neutralizes free radicals, restoring your skin’s natural elasticity and preventing premature fa...

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Grandpas Soap Pine Tar Bath Shower Gel

GRANDPAS - Pine Tar Bath and Shower Gel - 8 fl. oz. (237 ml)


DESCRIPTIONSame great natural moisturizing action as the bar for those who prefer a liquid. Lathers white, rinses clean.A Bar in a Bottle.DETAILSPackage Description: 8 fl. oz. (237 ml)Serving Size: Number of Servings: FACTSIngredients: Water, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, Glycol Distearate, Laureth 4, Glycerin, Pine Tar, Fra...

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CLEARLY NATURAL - Glycerine Bar Soap Rain Forest

CLEARLY NATURAL - Glycerine Bar Soap Rain Forest - 4 oz. (113 g)


DESCRIPTION These transparent bars provide gentle all-over cleansing bar for face, hands and body. Our mild, all-vegetable formula is ideal for all skin types.• High glycerine content • Non drying; will not leave skin dry or itchy • Rinses off easily; leaves no sticky film on your skin or your tub • All-vegetable formula (no pore-cloggi...

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Life Flo Pure Magnesium Flakes - 44 oz

Life Flo - Pure Magnesium Flakes - 2.75 Lbs. (44 oz.)


DESCRIPTIONLifeFlo Pure Magnesium Flakes are highly-concentrated crystals of magnesium chloride sourced from the ancient Zechstein seabed in the Netherlands-- nothing added and nothing removed. The magnesium flakes are extremely pure because the seabed lies 1,600 to 2,000 meters beneath the surface of the earth where it has to be protected.Refre...

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Grandpas Soap Pine Tar Soap

GRANDPAS - Pine Tar Soap - 3.25 oz. (92 g)


DESCRIPTIONExcellent for bathing, showering, shaving and shampooing. Many loyal users have been telling us for generations how "wonder"ful it cleans, moisturizes and deodorizes. They have described it as being helpful in removing scales of Psoriasis, Dandruff, Eczema and other skin irritations. No added colors or fragrances.DETAILSPackage Descri...

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Forces of Nature - Fungal Cleanse Bar Soap

FORCES OF NATURE - Fungal Cleanse Bar Soap - 3.5 oz. (100 g)


DESCRIPTIONWe blended certified organic medicinal plant extracts with the proven ability to safely destroy a wide spectrum of fungi with all natural healing botanicals to create Fungal Cleanse Medicated Soap. This antifungal cleansing bar is the world’s only Certified Organic FDA Registered antifungal cleansing agent. There is nothing else out t...

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Auromere - Himalayan Rose Ayurvedic Soap - 2.75 oz. (78 g)

AUROMERE - Himalayan Rose Ayurvedic Soap - 2.75 oz. (78 g)


DESCRIPTIONAuromere handmade herbal soaps combine highly recommended herbal extracts and oils used for centuries by Ayurvedic specialists.This Ayurvedic Soap is made in India from all natural oils and herbal extracts, according to Ayurvedic formulas that were created to help clear-up different skin conditions.Himalayan Rose: Recommended fo...

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Shikai Products Moisturizing Shower Bath Gel White Gardenia

SHIKAI - Moisturizing Shower Gel Gardenia - 12 fl .oz. (355 ml)


DESCRIPTION Mother always said that oatmeal was good for you, and she was right. Not only is it good for the inside of you, but it’s good on the outside. This extra rich and thick shower gel is formulated to moisturize and soothe your skin while you bathe. Oatmeal and aloe relieve dry skin, while the special blend of cleansers i...

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KIRKS - Original Coco Castile Bar Soap

KIRKS - Original Coco Castile Bar Soap - 3 x 4 oz. Bars


DESCRIPTIONSince 1839, Kirk's Original Coco Castile Soap has given the consumer a high quality, all natural soap at an affordable price. Current national market research ranks Kirk's Original Coco Castile Soap as the top selling allnatural bar soap."Castile" originally referred to the highlyprized vegetable based soap produced in Castile...

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Auromere - Sandal-Turmeric Ayurvedic Soap - 2.75 oz. (78 g)

AUROMERE - Sandal-Turmeric Ayurvedic Soap - 2.75 oz. (78 g)


DESCRIPTIONFor thousands of generations in India, a simple paste of sandalwood and turmeric has been applied to the facial skin to preserve youth and a flawless complexion. This formula combines the astringent, purifying and cooling properties of sandalwood with the complimentary softening, antiseptic and toning properties of turmeric al...

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NUBIAN HERITAGE - Bar African Black Soap

NUBIAN HERITAGE - Bar African Black Soap - 5 oz. (141 g)


DESCRIPTIONHERITAGE: African black soap, made from palm ash, tamarind extract, and plantain peel, has been used on the continent of Africa for centuries to treat eczema, acne, oily skin, and other skin ailments. This line balances problem skin, combining African black soap with hydrating shea butter, aloe vera, and sandalwood oil.USE:Traditional...

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JERGENS - Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer

JERGENS - Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer - 10 fl. oz. (295 ml)


DESCRIPTIONRepairs, heals, and deeply nourishes extra dry skin to reveal visibly luminous, healthier skin.Best for: Extra dry skin, including heels, elbows, and knees. Improves skin's tone, texture, and luminosity. Contains a unique illuminating HYDRALUCENCE blend and Vitamins C, E, and B5. Heals dryness at the source by penetrating through 5 la...

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EO PRODUCTS - Hand Sanitizing Spray Organic Lavender

EO PRODUCTS - Hand Sanitizing Spray Organic Lavender - 12 x 0.33 oz. Units


DESCRIPTION EO Hand Sanitizing on the go. The natural plant-based alternative to chemical laden hand sanitizers. Organic Lavender Essential oil is soothing and cleansing. Fragrant and soothing. Vegetable Glycerin is naturallyhydrating. For healthy hands: Spray onto palm. Rub hands together until they’re dry. ...

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Sonoma Soap Company - Hand & Body Lotion-First Crush

Sonoma Soap - Hand & Body Lotion First Crush - 12 fl. oz. (354 ml)


DESCRIPTIONSonoma Soap Company Hand & Body Lotion - First CrushOur hand and body lotions are the ultimate in pampering Sonoma style. Each lotion is specially formulated to promote moisturization and keep skin soft and supple all day long. Copiously enriched with our traditional Sonoma blend, with added nutrition from glycerin, cocoa butter a...

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Earth Mama Postpartum Bath Herbs (6 herbal pads per box)

EARTH MAMA - Postpartum Bath Herbs - 6 Pads (3.3 oz./93.6 g)


DESCRIPTIONLabor can make you feel like your bottom has gone fifteen rounds with a prizefighter and run the NY Marathon - all at once. And the simple act of sitting isn't simple at all. That's why Postpartum Bath Herbs is a heap of help for your heinie.USDA Certified 100% Organic Postpartum Bath Herbs is a soothing, comforting blend includes sal...

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Kiss My Face Active Athletic Bath Shower Gel

KISS MY FACE - Active Athletic Shower & Bath Gel - 16 fl. oz. (473 ml)


DESCRIPTIONRelax or revive sore tight muscles for the next event. You've earned it! Our natural aromatic herbs will work their magic while you soak or shower.DETAILSPackage Description: 16 fl. oz. (473 ml)Serving Size: ..Number of Servings: ..FACTSIngredients: Aqua, Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, Decyl Glucoside, Cellulose Gum, Olea Europaea (Olive) F...

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Olivella Bar Soap Verbena

Olivella Bar Soap Verbena - 5.29 oz. (150 gr)


DESCRIPTION100% Virgin Olive Oil Bar Soap with Verbena Fragrance ( NEW - AVAILABLE�APRIL 1ST )Not all Olive Oil Soaps are created equal...Olivella face and body bar soap is specially formulated with our patented technology which allows the highest concentrations of vitamins, essential fatty acids, and natural antioxidants present in Virgin Oli...

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Weleda Rose Soap

WELEDA - Rose Soap - 3.4 oz. (100 g)


DESCRIPTIONMild cleanser with a delicate flowery fragranceTired skin gets cleansed and renewed with this revitalizing soap. It’s a gently cleansing bar soap packed with therapeutic properties that keep you feeling nice and balanced.Worth more than it’s weight in gold, organic roses provide a potent, rejuvenating oil that gives your body a ...

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BODY BENEFITS - Delicate Bath Sponge

BODY BENEFITS - Delicate Bath Sponge - 1 Sponge


DESCRIPTIONExfoliate your skin as you bathe every day. Body Benefits Delicate Bath Sponge is made to reveal younger, softer and smoother skin with every wash. It's a boon for those with sensitive skin.Reveals softer and smoother skin Apt for sensitive skin Recyclable This body sponge is made to gently cleanse and exfoliate. Available in a wide a...

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NUBIAN HERITAGE - Bar Soap Peppermint & Aloe Butter

NUBIAN HERITAGE - Bar Soap Peppermint & Aloe Butter - 5 oz. (141 g)


DESCRIPTIONAn invigorating blend of fresh peppermint oil, crushed almonds and baking soda, in an all-natural, sulfate-free soap. A real morning pick-me-up!DETAILSPackage Description: 5 oz. (141 g)Serving Size: ..Number of Servings: ..FACTSIngredients: 100% Vegetable Soap: Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Coconut Oil and/or Palm Oil, Aloe Barb...

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NUBIAN HERITAGE - Raw Shea Butter Body Lotion

NUBIAN HERITAGE - Body Lotion Raw Shea Butter - 13 fl. oz. (384 ml)


DESCRIPTION HERITAGE:Historical references to shea butter date back to the reported shea butter caravans of Cleopatra's Egypt. Frankincense is known for its toning and anti-aging properties, and myrrh’s use can be dated to an Ebers Papyrus recipe for a facial mask, circa 1580 B.C. Raw shea butter (shea butter’s purest form) has the highest level...

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SUAVE - Advanced Skin Therapy Moisturizer Lotion

SUAVE - Advanced Skin Therapy Moisturizer Lotion - 10 fl. oz. (296 ml)


DESCRIPTIONClinically Proven to deliver 24 hours of continuous moisturizationThis Dermatologist tested formula is enhanced with essential vitamins and glycerin to heal and relieve severely dry skin even on tough areas like elbows and knees. Our Suave Advanced Therapy Body Lotion with rich hydrators rescues skin from dryness by increasing hydrati...

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VASELINE - Intensive Care Essential Healing Non-Greasy Lotion

VASELINE - Intensive Care Essential Healing Non-Greasy Lotion - 10 fl. oz. (295 ml)


DESCRIPTIONClinically proven to moisturize deeply within the first application. To keep dry skin healed for 3 weeks*.*Proven after 4 weeks daily use in a clinical study Leaves your skin deeply moisturized and looking noticeably healthier Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel BEST FOR: DRY SKIN, CRACKED SKIN.DETAILSPackage Description: 10 fl. oz. (2...

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ROOTS AND FRUITS - Avocado andOlive Oil Bar Soap

ROOTS AND FRUITS - Avocado andOlive Oil Bar Soap - 5 oz. (141 g)


DESCRIPTIONThis soap works efficiently to penetrate deep into the skin, moisturizing and softening the skin with antioxidants and phytonutrients for a silky smooth complexion. Deeply penetrates into the skin for a silky smooth complexion. Contains antioxidants and phytonutrients which protects and softens the skin. DETAILSPackage Description:...

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