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Stay Healthy with Probiotics & Fiber Supplements

Probiotics are needed to keep fungal levels at balanced levels, so that people aren’t stricken with harmful bacterial infections. They also help with bowel function, just as fibre does. Some of our most popular products include Arthur Andrew Syntol, and Fiberzyme. Syntol is a gentle yeast cleanser that has multiple probiotics, prebiotics, and enzymes. It is both effective and gentle, which is why it is such a popular choice with customers who suffer from bacterial conditions and bowel problems. Syntol delivers probiotic spores instead of harmful bacteria that are alive. Probiotic spores are inactive life forms that protect the bacteria from extreme temperatures and acidic conditions. Syntol can help to improve immune function, absorb nutrients better, stabilize bowel function, and keep fungus at balanced levels for people to stay healthy. It is completely natural, so you will never experience any harmful side effects when using the product. No harmful additives are ever included in our products.

Fiberzyme is a distinctive blend of natural fibre sources that deliver a balanced level of fibre each day. For those that suffer from bowl issues or irregularity problems, this product is a lifesaver. Dietary fibre supplements are all similar, but Fiberzyme is packed with proteolytic digestive enzymes and warming herbs to give amazing results. We also offer American Health probiotic acidophilus with pectin, and a huge selection of other supplements that promote good digestive health and intestinal balance. These products are completely natural, and they are quite beneficial to those who need improved immune health, improved intestinal function, and proper nutrient absorption. Vitamin Grocer carries the best probiotic supplement products on the market, to cater to the holistic health needs of our vast customer base. You can always expect premium natural health products for affordable prices when you shop at Vitamin Grocer.