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We are Vitamin Grocer, a family owned and operated business based in Pennsylvania's gorgeous Susquehanna Valley. We sell over 30,000 retail health and beauty products that help our customers live healthier, happier, cleaner and more productive lives. Our prices are second to none and our commitment to quality is the byproduct of a company culture that values people above all else.





Vitamin Grocer is the fruit of a father’s attempt to pass on the family entrepreneurial tradition to the next generation. In an industry of faceless, impersonal transactions, Vitamin Grocer aims to be the online equivalent of the old-time country grocer. We are small, independent and family-run. No shareholders, no corporate boards and no consultants to answer to here. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. With endless options on the internet, we know we are only as good as our customers’ happiness and satisfaction with their shopping experience.




Vitamins, dietary supplements and sports nutrition products are our bread and butter but browse around a bit and you will find much, much more. We offer the leading all-natural and organic brands in every health and beauty category, from shampoos and conditioners to brand name cosmetics and OTC medicines.  We also offer a full line of pet products for dogs, cats, birds, fish and small animals of all kinds.




Our customer service team is waiting to help you at customerservice@vitamingrocer.com.au. They will respond to you within 24 hours. If you find the response or any aspect of your experience at Vitamin Grocer to be unsatisfactory, contact partner and vice president Ben Smith at bsmith@lyckallc.com. He’ll take care of you.

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