Coconut Oil for Hair Growth

A healthy head of shiny, beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp. And a dry, flaky scalp is by no means fertile ground for a full head of hair. So proper care of your scalp is critical to a healthy head of hair over the long term. Coconut oil is a great supplement to any hair care regime to ensure that the scalp is continuing to generate thick, luscious hair.

A regular coconut oil hair treatment will condition, protect and moisturize the scalp in a manner that stimulates hair growth. It does this by removing the dead and dry skin that builds up to block the hair follicles from receiving the necessary nutrients for proper hair growth. Coconut oil is rich in a medium-chain triglyceride called lauric acid. Lauric acid is a rare saturated fatty acid that is only found in palm kernel oil and breast milk. It is known to be antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal. When applied to the scalp, lauric acid not only latches on to hair follicles providing moisture and protection from protein loss, but it also helps eliminate dust mites and fungi that can infect a dry, dirty scalp and cause dandruff.

Another benefit of coconut oil for hair is that it's also rich in vitamins E and K which are essential for good blood circulation. Massaging the scalp with any oil will help to stimulate the hair follicles and improve circulation. Massaging with an oil rich in vitamins E and K like coconut oil will do wonders for a brittle scalp.

Warning! We are not advocating coconut oil as a cure for baldness! If only it were true. But if it was, chances are you’d already know about it and you wouldn't be able to buy it for less than $10! As far as we know, if you’re suffering from male pattern baldness there might be ways to slow the progress, but no way to cure it.

The key to using coconut oil to revitalize hair follicles and stimulate new hair growth is to apply the oil regularly with a vigorous massage and allow the oil to absorb into the hair and scalp for 15-30 minutes. This will manually stimulate increased blood flow to the scalp while also ensuring that there is ample opportunity for the nutrients to fully penetrate the hair follicles. Finish by rinsing the hair and following your normal wash and condition routine. Using coconut oil for hair a few times of week will promote a healthy scalp and stimulate growth in once struggling hair follicles.