COASTAL - Titan Giant Tie Out Fin Stake - 13 mm x 20 Inches

Product Description
Multiple styles of tie out stakes are available. For extra stong or powerful dogs, we recommend our Giant Fin Stake, best suited for hard soil, or out Giant Auger Stake which is perfect for sandy or loose ground. Pets like to explore the outdoors just like people. So as a pet owner you want a strong, dependable cable to assure your pet's safety while outside. Our cable tie-outs are weather resistant. Coastal tie-outs come in a variety of lengths and thickness to fit all of your cable tie-out needs.

Package Description: 13 mm x 20 Inches

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients or Material: Steel
Size: 20" Length – 13mm.
    For use with very large or very strong dogs
  • Perfect for use with a Titan Giant Tie Out Cable