OUR PETS - Durapet Bowls - 1.25 Quart

Product Description
Unlike plastic bowls that may harbor bacteria or leach toxic plasticizers and colorants when they come in contact with food, Durapet Bowls are hygienic and will prove more economical in the long run when compared with plastic dishes.
Durapet Bowls are made of the highest quality, heavy, solid stainless steel. They have durable, permanently molded rubber rings on bottom of the bowls. So the rubber ring sticks to floor, providing stability and eliminating skidding. Also eliminates noise between floor and bowl while pet is eating or drinking.

Package Description: 1.25 Quart

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients or Materials: High quality, heavy duty stainless steel with a permanently bonded rubber ring in the base

1.25 quart [40 oz.] - 6.5" diameter, 2.5" deep.
Great for small dogs or cats.

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