POLY-BIO-MARINE - Poly-Filter Pad - 4" x 8"

Product Description
Highly adsorbent chemical filter media pads quickly and efficiently remove impurities, medications, and phosphate from aquarium water. Use in conventional power filters, undergravel filters, the chemical filtration compartment of canister filters and wet/dry filters. Simply cut to any size or shape to custom fit any aquarium filter. Rapidly improves water clarity and actively removes harmful organic and various inorganic waste buildup for several months. Changes color to indicate the pollutants being removed and when Poly-Filter (R)is exhausted. Will not leach pollutants upon saturation. Used by researchers, hospitals, etc. For use in freshwater or marine aquariums.

Package Description: 4 x 8 Inch

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Poly Filter Application and Usage Instructions:
  • Freshwater Application: Add Poly Filter any time.
  • Medication Removal (parasite and antibiotic treatments containing copper): Remove Poly Filter from water before any type of medication is added. Follow medication instructions issued by the manufacturer. After treatment is complete, place Poly Filter back in water to remove traces of medication. Test water for safe levels. When safe, remove discolored Poly Filter, dry and save it for next medication. Place new Poly Filter in the water for removal of conventional organics and water purification.
  • Adding Vitamins and Trace Minerals: Remove Poly Filter from water before adding vitamins or trace elements. After 12 hours, place Poly Filter back in water. Poly Filter will not remove trace elements included in marine salt mixtures.

General Maintenance Comments: Poly-Filter turns color when removing medications. Aqua to Dark Blue: Copper or Copper Salts. Orange: Iron. Bright Red: Aluminum. Bright Yellow: Ammonia, Amines or Solvents. Dyes: Color of the solution when added i.e. Methylene Blue: Pale Blue. Malachite Green: Light Green. Tannins/Humic acid: Dark Brown. Organic Wastes: Light Tan progressing to Dark Brown. Poly-Filter extends time between water changes. Add de-chlorinated water to make up for evaporation loss. If pH shifts below acceptable level, change water and add a new Poly-Filter. Heavy slime producing water conditioners can surface coat Poly-Filter and interfere with absorption performance. In Marine water, soak in 3% hydrogen peroxide then rinse well in fresh water. In Freshwater, soak in 10% salt water solution then rinse well in fresh water.

NOTE: Poly Filter will not soften water or remove trace minerals.

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