RADIUS - DOC Multi-use Suction Holder - 1 piece

Product Description
Perfect for your RADIUS Toothbrush. Suction base ensured to attach to any smooth surface or wall, opening up a world of possibilities for every need. The ultimate Toothbrush Holder! Holds toothbrush vertically or hangs from wall.

Bathroom helper! Great for razors, sponges, hairbrushes and much more.
Perfect for the kitchen to hold a dish towel or a spoon while cooking. Office-genie extraordinaire - holds iPod and Blackberry for hands free music or conference call.

EcoPure biodegradable additive ensures breakdown in any environment (landfills, composts, commercial facilities etc) and is 100% recyclable: Package - Recycled PP #1; Product -- #7 Plastic. Assorted colors. Available in white, ibis rose, vibrant green, charcoal grey, bright purple.

Package Description: 1 piece

Serving Size: ..

Number of Servings: ..

Ingredients: 8 pc inner pack & shelf display. 100% biodegradable.

doc suction holder is biodegradable and also recyclable.
For best results moisten bottom and suction to a smooth surface such as glass.

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